Sheet Metal Manufacturing Facilities and Capabilities


Unit 13

The Sheet Metal Division has been hugely successful since its introduction in 2008. It has given Westminster greater flexibility in stand design by being able incorporate sheet into wire designs or making stands and fixtures solely from sheet material.

Plant list:

  • CNC Punch Presses for shaping of sheet metal
  • CNC Press brakes for forming sheet metal and mesh
  • Rasomax deburring system
  • Guillotine
  • Spot welders
  • MIG and TIG welding
  • Butt Welders
  • MIG welders

Addison twin head tube bender

Flow drilling

In addition to manufacturing parts incorporated in our stands, the Sheet Metal Division carries out the manufacture of bespoke fixtures and components for a wide and diverse customer base.

Westminster’s knowledge of most retail shop fitting systems gives the end user the added reassurance that designs used in conjunction with existing fittings will integrate seamlessly.


Unit 10

The latest addition to the Westminster estate, houses our Powder Coating facility and Packing/Despatch departments. Specifically designed for our needs the Powder Coating plant comprises;

Plant list

  • 6 metre Autowash
  • Powder Booth
  • ITW Gema Optiflex B powder guns
  • 5m x 2.5m x 2.5m Curing oven

The Autowash degreases the product and also pre-treats the metal with an iron phosphate to give an exceptional key for powder to adhere to.

Powder is applied by our experienced operators using the industry leading ITW Gema guns giving extremely impressive results.

The Powder coating unit coats a very high percentage of our sheet metal and some wire stands for customers. It gives greater flexibility when it comes to choice of colour and some textured or specialised finishes

 Since its opening in 2010 it has also built a long and loyal list of sub- contract customers with a diverse range of products including scaffolding gates, shop fittings, car accessories and even cow feeders!